Consultations in person, by mail, telephone, online or studio visits are designed to help visual artists develop the skills they need to manage their own careers – including information regarding gallery relationships, resumes, documentation, contracts and business negotiations. Our extensive and varied experience combined with an understanding of art trends enables us to suggest viable and receptive markets most suited for each individual artist. You will receive straightforward advice in a format you can begin to implement immediately.

Initial Consultation or Studio Visit: The initial consultation involves an assessment of the way in which you represent yourself professionally, including your website (if you have one), resume and biographical information, and suggests methods for improvement. Also, the initial consultation will help you develop realistic short range and long term goals, as well as help you develop a methodology to achieve those goals.  Fees for the initial consultation are $250 and studio visits in the Greater Los Angeles/Ventura/Santa Barbara area begin at $275 (some areas may include a travel charge).

Suggested topics for the consultation:

The Art of Being an Artist: Where do you fit into the artworld? How can you maximize the effectiveness of time spent promoting your work? What are some things you should be doing right now to help your career?  Defining YOUR meaning of success and what you need to do to get there.

Gallery Relationships: contracts and negotiations; work on consignment; pricing your work; percentages; discounts to consultants and collectors; how to select an appropriate gallery; gallery approach and presentation; right of exclusivity; insurance; packing and shipping information; who pays for what; how to write an effective press release.

Resources: where to get legal assistance; lobbyist organizations;
new arts legislation; legal rights and responsibilities; bibliography; art
hazard information; conservation and framing techniques; alternative spaces; copyright information and application procedures; business permits and licensing requirements.

Documentation: how to photograph artwork; good images vs. poor
images; hiring a photographer; keeping updated image files; how to label
images; selecting images that best represent your work.

Record Keeping: maintenance of correspondence files; what to keep
and where to keep it; establishing your own mailing lists; updating mailing
lists; keeping track of reviews, articles and catalogs; personal record
keeping and suggested methods of organization.

Grants and Jobs: grant opportunities; grant application preparation;
preparing an effective resume, biography and cover letter; publications
that list job opportunities, grant and fellowships; participation in juried
shows; portfolio presentation techniques; developing contacts



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