"I can safely say that much of the success and exposure that my work has
enjoyed of late is in large part the result of energies expended by Sylvia
White during our recent partnership…

She has taste, vision, guts when guts are called for, and a reputation
that makes her an invaluable ally in a world that can be often very confusing
and threatening…

I heartily recommend Sylvia White and the services which she offers to
anyone contemplating that quantum leap into the world of serious art."

–Martin Mull, Los Angeles, CA

"I wanted to thank you for all your encouragement and help. Our working together proved to be extremely successful for me and I can hardly keep up with the demand for my work! I think you will recognize that this new work has come out of the prints I started under your encouragement. So, you have some responsibility in this no matter what! The last page of the catalog mentions where I am represented and you can see my progress. When I started working with you, my goal was to get two additional galleries for representation. As it turns out, with your help, I have added six new galleries. They are all nice people with good integrity. Now, all I have to do is learn how to pace myself and not work too hard!

–Jennifer Bain, San Francisco, CA

"Professionalism is probably the best word to describe this Contemporary
Artists’ service and the exposure it offers the artist to the art world

Speaking for myself, for over twenty years, I have been involved with
the art world of Orange County …You find yourself a misfit, being in,
then out, in, and out, going nowhere fast…

Sylvia White’s Contemporary Artists’ Services simply pushed all that
aside and proceeded to introduce me to the real art world. Though it did
not happen overnight, the response has been very good and continues to grow.

Working with Sylvia and her staff, I have learned how to capitalize on
my assets, and to accept my limitations, and how to deal with them."

–Ray Jacob, Orange County, CA

"I have been working with Sylvia White for more than three years…

without the exposure she has generated for my sculpture I would have
considerably less name recognition than I currently have. I would also have
had to divert a great more of my time into the marketing and business side
of art…I feel that the monies I have spent for her services are a sound
career investment."

–Arlene Waxman, Los Angeles, CA

"I have found Sylvia to be exceptionally competent and knowledgeable,
and her extensive contacts with various community and commercial galleries
throughout the country are an invaluable resource…

The galleries of Contemporary Artists’ Services, both in L.A. and New
York, provide an important showcase for her artists, but equally important
is her ability to place her clients into important group exhibitions, nationally
and internationally, which provides the exposure necessary to a successful
artistic career. Her understanding of the business of Art enables her to
help with important career decisions …

Sylvia handles her work with a good range of expertise, an excellent
eye for quality and, especially important, a good sense of humor. She has
significantly helped my own career and I would strongly recommend her to
other artists interested in a serious approach to their own development
and career…"

–Michael Patrick Hughes, Los Angeles, CA

"Sylvia White herself is a very capable, knowledgeable and charming woman
whose guidance and support have made a big difference in my life as a professional
artist. In the two years of our association, I have had solo shows on both
coasts; I’ve participated in numerous group shows worldwide …

Sylvia’s advice has been shrewd and well directed. Her skills include
a wonderful balance of business acumen, sensitivity to art and psychological

Sylvia White represents my enterprise as an artist in a way I can be
proud of. In addition, the support I receive lends an energy and focus to
my work in the studio, and a sense that this work will find its way into
the world and be seen.

I give Sylvia White Contemporary Artists’ Services the highest marks
for excellence, and much heartfelt praise."

–Fran Bull, New York, NY

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how valuable I found the
consultation that we had several months ago. Your many suggestions regarding
galleries and portfolio presentation have been very helpful.

As of the writing of this letter, I am pleased to tell you that two galleries
have offered to exhibit my work. The Sande Webster Gallery in Philadelphia,
PA, and The John Cleary Gallery in Houston, TX.

Your insights into the art world have been very helpful…"

–Leonard Morris, New York, NY

"I think that the services offered by Sylvia White at Contemporary Artists’
Services would be of great benefit to most artists. Her contacts within
the art world, both on the West Coast, and in New York, are extensive. She
has, herself, a creative approach to business and an ability to focus on
unique solutions to the problems of marketing and publicizing fine art.

I can heartily endorse the innovative approaches employed by Contemporary
Artists’ Services …"

–Todd McKie, Boston, MA

"In addition to developing solo exhibitions and increasing my participation
in group shows, she has absorbed, with enormous efficiency and organization,
the time consuming and complicated tasks of correspondence, slide-mailings,
phone calls and meetings. This has allowed me the opportunity to spend vital
hours in the studio, doing what I should be doing… Painting.

Sylvia White is unique to the world of art. Her reputation of integrity
and her thorough understanding of the art-network permit her to access areas
that are frequently unattainable to artists working on their own. Her guidance
and advice are upheld by honesty, intelligence and vast experience…Sylvia
White combines them with charm and tenacity, to provide the highest standard
of artistsí service in the community."

–Duncan Regehr, British Columbia, Canada/Los Angeles, CA

"She has enabled me to spend full time making art, versus time that I
previously lost promoting it and following up…with offices in Los Angeles
and New York, broadened my exhibition market form local/regional to national.
She has procured two upcoming museum shows for me, an artist-in-residency,
numerous group exhibitions nationwide, and my upcoming three solo shows…

Sylvia and her staff are professional and can accomplish more for an
artist’s exposure in one month than I, myself, could do in one year.

I can strongly recommend Sylvia White’s management services to any artist
serious and dedicated to pursuing their career in a larger market."

–Elaine Davault, Los Angeles, CA

"Contemporary Artists’ Services has arranged two solo exhibitions for
me, at The Landon Gallery in New York, and at J.J. Brookings Gallery in
San Francisco. Group exhibitions have been in Copenhagen and Los Angeles.
Sales of my work have resulted from these shows and ongoing representation
will continue at these galleries.

Artists materials have been exposed to hundreds of curators, agents,
clients and other art world professionals thorough Contemporary Artists’
Service contacts…

I can fully recommend Contemporary Artists’ Services and their unique
approach to promoting an artists’ work strictly as a working tool for the
artist for his or her best interests and career."

–Richard Erdman, Williston, VT

"Working with Sylvia White has been an invaluable experience for me. Prior
to my working with Sylvia, I was greatly perplexed as to how to present
my work in the public arena. I needed a bridge to connect my work and myself
with the public. Sylvia has most definitely served as that bridge …

Working with Sylvia has allowed me to dedicate my time and energy to
my work with peace of mind. While I am doing what I know and love best,
I am grateful that she is there connecting a private artistís work
to the public world."

–Michele Berman, Los Angeles, CA

"Art students, faculty, and artists from our community had an opportunity
to participate in Sylvia White’s Art Career Management Workshop. Ms. White
has condensed years of experience and insights into a most useful workshop
experience. She is informative, articulate, and personable, and she brings
the right elements together to provide artists with necessary skills and
strategies for a successful career.

I highly recommend her video to those who consider themselves emerging
artists or other artists who wish to increase their opportunities for success."

–Roger Churches, Chair, Art Department
La Sierra University, Riverside, CA