Houston, we have a problem…

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Remember that part of the movie when  Tom Hanks was stranded and  Ed Harris put everything Hanks had in his spaceship on the table and ordered his staff to make something that will fix it?  That is such a beautiful metaphor for life.  It seems like since closing the gallery I have had to look at all the pieces I have left on my table and see what I want to make.  I have always loved helping artists, and will continue to advise and consult artists as needed.  Without the constant pressure of mounting exhibitions, if gives me the time I need to focus on  what I do best.  Artists do this everyday, the creative process is a process of elimination based on the tools you have available.

I will be in Houston all week at the Houston Art Fair.  You can click here and  use this link to download FREE tickets to the fair or the opening preview.  Come visit and say hello , if you are in the area.  We are in booth #216.  If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, I will have a few limited appointments available on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 23 and 24.