“Only put off until tomorrow, what you are willing to die left undone.” Pablo Picasso

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.20.19 AMJoin CaFE today… step by step instructions HERE

If you are one of those artists who has been procrastinating about looking for opportunities to get your career in gear, no more excuses. You need to sign up today for  CaFE, callforentry.org.  It is a website operated by Western States Arts Federation and it is completely FREE for artists to register. You do need to have some basic computer skills before you tackle this, so if you are not there yet, ask any 10 year old to help you with your application. However, if you feel comfortable downloading images from your computer, you CAN do this.  Once you register, you will get regular notifications about exhibition opportunities, grants and residencies…no more looking around, they come to you.  Also, because they store all your images, your resume and your artist’s statement, it is a snap to apply to anything… it will be so easy to apply for juried shows and grants, once registered, you can literally get an application finished in less than two minutes…just a few clicks and you are done. Allow yourself about an hour to set everything up.  Then go ahead, dive in, do it this weekend, you know you want to.


1) Go to website: www.callforentry.org


2) Click on: “Need an account? Register Here” orange link.

(If you are not a first time user, but looking for our listing, or just want to browse the site for opportunities, Click VIEW ALL CALLS in green to the right of the slideshow.)















3) Registration welcome will show up. Click on: “CLICK HERE” green link


4) Terms and Conditions will show up. Click on: “I AGREE” button



5) Application Form will show up. Fill out all the required fields.


6) Select your contact method, and enter your E-mail information. Select “INDIVIDUAL” to create an individual account.


7) Select what notifications you want to receive. Here you have a choice receive email notifications about juried shows, calls for public art proposals

Click on: “REGISTER NOW” button


8) Thank You message will show up. Click on: “CONTINUE” button


9) Now you will need to setup an online portfolio. Click on: “MY PORTFOLIO


10) Upload Medias screen will show up. Click on: “UPLOAD MEDIA” button


11) Select:  “IMAGE”        (for performance piece, select “VIDEO”)


12) Click on: “BROWSE” button. A separate window will open, for you to search for your file.


13) Once you have selected the file, fill in the applicable information.

Click on: “ADD TO MY PORTFOLIO” button


14) A status window will pop up showing you the upload process.

Repeat Steps 8 through 13, to add more images to your portfolio. CaFE allows a minimum of 3 images, and maximum of 20.  Once you are satisfied with the number of images in your portfolio, you can move on to Step 14.


15) After successfully adding your portfolio, click on “APPLY TO CALLS


16) A listing of all the open calls will show up. Select “SORT BY NAME

17) Locate our listing: 2013 Sylvia White Gallery: SOLO EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY. Click on: “APPLY TO THIS CALL” green link


18) Our Agreement will show up. Click on: “YES I AGREE” button

19) Add your Artists Statement. Click the boxes for the images you want to submit. Click on: “START APPLICATION” button


20) When your entry is ready, you can click on “CHECKOUT” button


You will be directed to a payment page, and will be able to pay for your submission online.


If you still need more help, check the CaFE HELP page or feel free to contact them for any technical issues you may be having.  CaFÉ™ Team is happy to address your tech support needs cafe@westaf.org for more information.  Remember June 30 is the deadline for entering our juried show.  Good luck!